Reflections Academy is a small, homelike therapeutic boarding school for girls, nestled in the natural beauty of Northwest Montana. A welcoming haven for struggling teenage girls and their families.

Our Unique Residential Program Strives to Be a Safe Haven for Struggling Teenage Girls and Their Families

Reflections Academy is a small therapeutic boarding school for girls located in the natural beauty of Northwest Montana. Reflections Academy empowers teenage girls to conquer behavior problems such as anger, addictions, disrespect, low self-esteem, attachment disorders, anxiety, and depression.

Our Summer Leadership Adventure Experience provides teens with a unique opportunity to look at challenges as excitement rather than fear, which is then integrated into broader realistic perspective of their lives.

Today’s teenage girls face more serious and critical risks than any previous generation. Girls who have trouble coping with the stresses of life are more likely to make inappropriate choices, and are often using online communication for sexual reasons or becoming sexually promiscuous. Some of these at-risk teens run away, many avoid in many ways and eventually find themselves held back by emotional or behavioral struggles.

Fully Licensed, Highly EXPERIENCED STAFF, High Quality & Lower In Cost Than Most Similar Programs. Insurance May Help!

Reflections Academy for girls is committed to serving teenage girls and their families by offering high-quality, experienced therapeutic services and a comprehensive, fully accredited educational program through a Summer Leadership Adventure Experience, a long-term residential boarding school, and a strong family support system.

Students are immersed in a variety of experiential activities which allow the girls an opportunity to evaluate the negative results of their past choices and begin making more accountable choices. In time you may notice certain differences. They may become more open, accountable, clearer in communication and responsible for their lives.

Through Reflections' therapeutic residential approach, teenage girls who are struggling will experience positive long-term behavior changes and improved relationships with their families.

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