Our Therapeutic Methods

We recognize that every girl and every family that comes to Reflections Academy has a unique set of needs. Our program is built to help individual girls and their families meet their unique needs in ways they may have never experienced before.

Every girl that comes through our doors is evaluated and given a personal treatment plan, and every member of the family is brought into the healing and recovery process. By the time your girl graduates our program, they will have demonstrated a number of markedly different attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors towards themselves, others, and in many cases, their Creator.

Behavior Follows Beliefs

Due to a affective bias called "negativity bias", events of a negative or painful nature can have a greater impact on one's psychological state than neutral or positive events. This mental bias is even more exaggerated during the developmental stages of young children. As a girl grows and develops and is subjected to a variety of events in her life, she may begin to believe incredibly negative or self-damaging things about herself due to this negativity bias.

It is difficult, if not impossible, to love and respect oneself with low self-esteem. Thus, we believe that how one behaves is directly influenced by one's self-beliefs. Our entire program is centered around this idea.

At Reflections Academy, we guide our students toward breaking down their negative perceptions, showing them why they are not true, and helping them build a new, stronger belief system centered around positive beliefs. This will naturally lead to improved behaviors as students desire to respect themselves, and by extension, others.

Providing a Safe Environment for Change

If your student is facing challenges such as behavioral problems, emotional stress, substance abuse, or learning difficulties, a safe and highly-structured environment that lovingly challenges their closely-held beliefs about themselves and others can provide a safe arena for change.

A Highly-Structured Environment

Your struggling teenage girl will find comfort and a sense of peace in the regularity of a set schedule and clear expectations. Our schedule works to cultivate personal care and self-esteem, responsibility, consistency and dependability. Daily chores, taking care of the animals, community living and self-care all play a role in helping your girl gain respect for herself and others.

Moving Your Child Out of Their "Comfort Zone"

Our program works to move your child out of their "comfort zone", while at the same time offering them a safe and secure setting where they may become more open to healthy guidance from mentors, from peers, and from their family.

Positive Community Living

Reflections Academy provides a safe space where girls who are all struggling with similar issues can discuss their struggles with one another in a positive way, and provide support to one another. This helps girls to practice healthy living among peers and to begin to identify the difference between good and bad advice.

Providing Opportunities for Growth

Outdoor Experiential Therapy

Experiential Therapy offers a chance for girls to practice "truth-telling" to themselves and others. When girls experience a moment where they feel like they can't do something, and then they actually do it, the experience can be incredibly rewarding, upbuilding and personally revealing.

For example, we often will take girls rappelling and rock climbing. Before and after each trip, our licensed therapists help the girls walk through their thought processes and help girls identify "where they go" in their mind when they experience fear and negative thoughts. This in turn helps the girls practice identifying their negative beliefs, rejecting those beliefs, and replacing them with more realistic, positive, and upbuilding beliefs.