Montana Summer Experience

June 17 - August 11, 2018 | Cost is $13,000 | Extended Stay to September $100/day

The Montana Summer Experience is one of Reflections Academy's passions and specialties.  We believe that developing strong personal values can come from making various choices in the natural environment.  The key objective is to encourage the teens to develop an understanding of their choices.  Our goals are to dissolve patterned barriers, accept a fuller sense of self-confidence, and gather perspective to one’s relationship to others.
The Summer Adventure Experience provides teen girls with the opportunity to examine the consequences that they create and to develop an understanding of their underlying motivations.  The program’s aspects promote self-awareness, accountability, empowerment, and team building.  The focus is on the whole person: emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual.
This adventure program is an experience rather than a routine.  It goes beyond primitive skills to build confidence.  The goal is to stick with a challenge and work until it is mastered.  Seeing a challenge to the end is one way these struggling teens build self-esteem.  This is done with activities that build on traditional backpacking with activities such as peak and rock climbs, and river trips, and whatever else the incredible northwest Montana has to offer. The students will be doing 5 to 10 mile hikes returning to base camp at the end of the day.  There will be rotating peer leadership experiences on these hikes.

This experiential learning program triggers a diverse range of emotions.  The at-risk teens make assumptions about themselves that are non-working, self-limiting, and often not true, but they perceive these faulty ideas as truth.  Through experiential learning the teens break through assumptions.  Instead of responding with anger and fear, they learn to make appropriate choices, work cooperatively with others, and value the ability to make decisions from a broader perspective.  They move from the viewpoint of resistance to one that embraces life with new energy.
The Montana Summer Experience integrates adventure experiences to enhance group-building skills and instill the value of community service. The teens learn the skills of appropriate communication, inter-dependency, and their role as part of a team.  One of the goals of this program is to have the teens come away with the possibility of creating successful future endeavors and they re-enter their families, school, and neighborhood communities.

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Outdoor Staff and Therapists

During the adventure experience a licensed therapist works in combination with a mentoring staff using various activities that promote experiential learning, which is dedicated to do what is best for the teen and their family. The therapist working with the staff provides individual, group, and family counseling. There is a two-day student workshop that occurs at the mid-point.  The staff has experienced in working with at-risk teens.

Safety is our primary concern.

Staff members working with each group are trained, and they are first aid and CPR certified. Focusing on the physical and emotional safety of the teens is paramount to our staff.  Beyond taking all the safety precautions possible while working in outdoors, the therapeutic process is designed to allow the teens to express themselves in a safe environment.

Daily Experience Focused on Conservation

The Montana Summer Experience groups are paired with a specially trained team of staff made up of professionals and mentors.  The teens live outdoors during the program returning to a rural base camp between activities.  At base camp the teens prepare for the next activity, talk with their families, have group sessions, and engage in recreational activities.  
The Montana Summer Experience places a high value on respecting the environment. The students “go green” in the environment by learning how to operate in a natural environment in a low impact manner.  They also spend time in service giving back to the environment by working on projects under the direction of the local forest service.

Education Experience Possible

An elective credit course can be taken during this time at an addition cost. This is optional. The course selected would be determine based on the needs of the particular student. Each student who is participating in taking a course will be required to bring
a factory clean laptop.

Spiritual Component

Each Sunday the girls will attend church services at non-denominational church. There will be a time for Bible study and both group and personal prayer.

Communication and Assessment

Communication is a priority; therefore, scheduled phone calls are arranged between the teens and their families when the teens are at base camp.  The teens will talk about their achievements and discuss what they are learning about themselves. Throughout the summer, observations of the progress made by the teens is regularly communicated to the parents and other participating professionals in order to create a strong partnership working to serve the teens and their families.  Prior to end of the program a report of each teen’s personal needs and recommendations for continued success will be provided to the parents.

Parent Involvement

There are Parent Webinars that parallels the program of their teen.  In this way, the parents can better understand some of the key issues that their children are addressing This will better prepare everyone for the transition when your daughter returns home.