PARENT & Student Testimonials

We were desperate to get our precious daughter the help she needed. After interviewing several other therapeutic boarding schools, we resonated with the philosophy of Reflections Academy and ultimately chose them for three reasons:

1. It is a results-based, not time-based program.
2. It is faith based, but not pressuring.
3. It is a small, all-girls environment that functions like a home, not an institution.

We are delighted with the care, attention and safe atmosphere of the school. Our daughter is becoming a more emotionally healthy person. Our whole family has benefitted from the quarterly parent training workshops
— Parent, Pennsylvania (2018)
Our daughter needed a long-term placement because she was suicidal, depressed and filled with no self-worth. Short term behavioral hospitalizations only made it worse. We were not equipped to deal with these self-destructive behaviors. Mickey, Kim, and the staff at Reflections Academy along with their foundation in Christian principles and their expertise is an answered prayer. We also attended the Parent Workshop in which we met the staff and experienced firsthand the implementation of their program. Reflections is a light of life!  We highly recommend!!!
— Parent, Texas (2018)
We credit Reflections Academy with giving our daughter the tools she needed to live into the God-given value she resisted and rebelled against for a long time. Through the guidance of the clinical staff and her peers, she learned how to hold herself accountable, celebrate her successes, and grow thoughtfully through her mistakes. Now she is a successful young lady pursuing her college education, serving in student government, getting promoted to assistant manager at her part-time job, and enjoying solid, working relationships. We are grateful that Reflections came along just when she most needed it.
— Parent, Idaho (2018)
After exhausting all resources — from new schools, tutors, inpatient and outpatient psychiatric stays, therapists, and the court system — we turned to Reflections Academy for our fifteen-year-old daughter.  Reflections saved her life.  In an atmosphere free of cell phones and computers, full of structure, nature and simplicity, our daughter learned about being accountable for her behavior and building healthy relationships.  In turn, our family learned about maintaining healthy boundaries and effective communication.  The staff at Reflections is amazingly committed to their work with the girls and their families.  I will always be indebted to them.
— Parent, Michigan (2018)
We are so grateful to have found Reflections Academy for our daughter.  When she arrived at Reflections, she was hurting and depressed with no desire to live.  Over the past several months, we have watched her learn, grow and heal.  She is seeing her life in a completely different way now.... she has a reason to live with new goals and dreams.  We are now able to build a relationship with her that we couldn’t have before.  The staff at Reflections has given us the gift of our daughter back...the best gift of all.
— Parent, Washington (2018)
At 17, after years of outpatient counseling and medication, our daughter attempted to take her life and we realized she needed to be in an environment where she could be safe and get the help she needed.  Our family was traumatized and we, also needed to recover from being in crisis-mode for years. Making the decision to put our daughter at Reflections Academy was painful in many ways but in the end, it needed to happen.  At Reflections Academy, our daughter truly received the therapy and tools she needed to heal and learn to succeed with her set of issues.   She was surrounded by committed staff who cared, who took the time to know her and provide her with a safe, loving and structured environment conducive to healing. She is currently a college student and doing well.  She knows that she will always have some struggles but now has the tools to work through them when they occur.  My daughter feels that should would not be functioning well had she not spent time at Reflections Academy and is grateful.  Through weekly counseling and family workshops, Reflections Academy also helped our family (including her sibling) to heal from the years of being on “high alert” and to address unhealthy family patterns and learn new ways to interact with our daughter so that we now have the tools to thrive and to address issues when they arise.
— Parent, Washington (2018)
Reflections taught our daughter grace.  She came to Reflections in revulsion of her past behavior and her former self.  She would accept nothing less than perfection from herself going forward.  Reflections taught her to accept and build upon her past and to move forward with a willingness to forgive herself for past and future errors.  Moving forward in the freedom she found at Reflections, she once more clung to the name we gave her at birth:  Grace.
— Parent, Texas (2018)
Having to make the decision to find long-term residential treatment for our daughter was extremely difficult.  My research to find the best comprehensive, therapeutic, temporary “home”, lead us to Reflections.  After talking with Mickey, the director, my mind was eased with her expertise, compassion, and encouragement.  Reflections’ staff were clearly knowledgeable and confident in their ability to disrupt the destructive patterns my daughter and our family were stuck in.  Additionally, their family workshops were phenomenal!  After only our first workshop, walls came down and allowed for effective communication and love to flow through.
— Parent, Texas (2018)
Several years ago, I was an extremely troubled teenager. I began experimenting with drugs at age thirteen. Initially, I used drugs socially; however, drugs quickly become my preferred method of coping with emotional issues. I fell into a vicious cycle of addiction and eventually became a seventeen-year-old addict and high school dropout. Concerned about me and armed with few alternatives, my parents made the difficult decision to send me across the country to a residential treatment program. During the twelve months that I lived at the treatment center, the director and his staff helped me overcome my addictions, learn new coping mechanisms, and develop valuable life skills.

Today, thirteen years after I was sent to the program, I can confidently say that I am no longer the person I was then. Using the skills that I learned in the program, I have experienced great success in my life. Four years after completing the program, I graduated as the valedictorian of my college class. I then attended law school and graduated as one of the top students in my class. I have also had success in other aspects of my life, including my relationships with my family and my wife.

During the past thirteen years, the director has become a close friend, a life-long mentor, and someone who I respect immensely. I will forever be grateful for the role that he has played in my life. I have no doubt that I would not be where I am in my life today if it weren’t for him and all that he taught me.
— S.J.
I was at the program for 12 months before I graduated. It was the hardest 12 months of my life but I wouldn’t take it back for the world. I have learned, changed, & matured in many ways. The experience I got from it will stick with me for the rest of my life. Not only did it change me but also helped me build a strong & healthy relationship with my family. I thank my mom for sending me there and giving me a second chance. without the help from the program, other students and loving staff I could have not been able to do it on my own.
— Monica M.
Sending my daughter to the program was the most difficult decision I have made, she has been out of the program for 7 months now. I am very happy I sent her. The program and the staff taught her very valuable tools that I see her implementing that will help her now and for the rest of her life. It helped not just my daughter but also myself and our relationship. It was hard not having her around for a year but it is now very rewarding to see her doing great.
— Lucia M.