Typical Day

Reflections Academy maintains a highly-structured schedule and environment built with a purpose. Your struggling teenage girl will find comfort and a sense of peace in the regularity of a set schedule and clear expectations. Our schedule works to cultivate personal care and self-esteem, responsibility, consistency and dependability. Daily chores, taking care of the animals, community living and self-care all play a role in helping your girl gain respect for herself and others.

A Wide Variety of Activities

Our schedule offers a wide variety of activities every day, as well as fun off-campus activities during the weekends. The girls work on schoolwork during the week, and they also participate in group therapy sessions, riding and caring for horses, letter-writing and personal journal writing. Girls can also attend regular Narcotics Anonymous meetings off-campus when appropriate.

Having Fun!

At Reflections Academy, we believe that having fun and experiencing joy are an important and necessary part of living a healthy life! Regular weekly "Family Nights" offer a chance for girls to practice having fun in a safe environment, without the external pressures and expectations they may have experienced elsewhere. The girls can also go to Youth Group at the local non-denominational church on Wednesday nights, and Friday nights are Movie Night!

Typical Daily Schedule

[7:00am] Wake Up, Personal Hygenie, Clean Room, Make Beds
[7:45am] Breakfast
[8:15am] Clean Kitchen, House Chores, Feed Animals
[9:15am] Cleaning Inspection, Letter Writing, Journaling
[10:00am] Physical Exercise or Community Library (depending on the day)
[10:45am] Prepare for School
[11:00am] Schoolwork
[12:30pm] Lunch
[1:00pm] Schoolwork
[2:30pm] 10-minute Break
[4:45pm] End of Schoolday
[5:00pm] Feed Animals
[5:30pm] Dinner
[6:15pm] Cleanup
[6:45pm] Family Night, Group Therapy, or Youth Group (depending on day). Narcotics Anonymous for those who participate.
[8:15pm] Leisure Time
[9:00pm] In Room
[9:30pm] Lights Out
[10:00pm] Shut Down


During the weekends, Saturdays are for outdoor adventures! There is so much to do outside in Northwest Montana -- visiting local National and State Parks, hiking, rock climbing, canoeing, fishing, skiing, snowshoeing, and outdoor team sports. On Sundays, the girls do some basic chores, laundry and cleaning, and they attend a service at the local non-denominational church. In the afternoon, students lead a group Bible study, and the girls play games, play music, and do arts and crafts activities together.